Saturday, February 14, 2009

GREENSBORO, NC: McDowell Stalked By Fruit

Actor Malcolm McDowell is being terrorised by an assortment of mechanical fruit - and he fears the worst is yet to come.

While McDowell himself has refused to discuss the campaign of fear orchestrated against him, his neighbour is unscrupulous. "When the first fruit appeared," he told The 666 O'Clock News, while pocketing the bucks, "Malc was in his back yard. It was an apple that kinda trundled in his general direction. He screamed and begged me for help. I tossed the guy a sledgehammer and he pulped it."

Matters returned to normal until the next day, when a wind-up banana appeared in McDowell's study. This time, he called the police, fearing it was a bomb.

Local detective Mark Mason told us: "Someone clearly holds a grudge against Mr McDowell. We need to know if anyone in the area looks suspicious while purchasing either fruit or mechanical parts."

So far, a grand total of seven fruit items have infiltrated McDowell's property. Says Mason: "We have realised they are appearing in alphabetical order. The last was a mango. Mr McDowell is understandably concerned about what might happen when we get to 'O'."