Friday, February 20, 2009

CAIRO, EGYPT: Man Eaten By Omelette

Cries of "Ohhhhhh!", "My God!" and "Shit!" rang out in the streets of Cairo this morning, when market trader Sahid Omar was eaten by the very food his customers used to love.

Our incredible picture shows Mr Omar happily preparing his latest masterpiece, mere seconds before the tragedy.

"There was the smell of cinnamon," recalls Louisiana tourist Michael Balls, "Which to me is a sign of evil. And sure enough, the guy's hand suddenly got sucked down into the omelette mixture he was preparing. When his shoulders and head followed suit, I'm not afraid to say I was shrieking my head off."

Chaos ensued as Mr Omar's pointy shoes finally vanished into the mixture. The 666 O'Clock News understands that Omar's wife has blamed a local supplies company for delivering bad eggs.